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 Main Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Main Forum Rules   Sat Nov 06, 2010 4:49 am

Rules for All

- Swearing is allowed here, but please do not say anything extremely vulgar. The f-word and s-word and allowed, but that is the MAXIMUM. And if I see ANYONE saying the C-word (If you don't know it you're too young to know it) then you will be banned from the cbox for 3 hours.

- Don't insult anybody with huge insults. A minor "You're such an idiot xD" is fine IF YOU'RE JOKING AROUND but don't flame or troll anyone with something like "You motherf-ing c---".

- Do NOT God-mod. God-modding on here is when you auto-hit, never get hit, survive from a fatal wound, use an alchemy you can't use, use a Homunculi's power if you aren't a Homunculi, and anything else that makes you God-like.

I.E. Alchemist A grabs his sword and swings it at his opponent's head, who is already wounded.
Chimera B gets his head cut off, but it suddenly is repaired and his nails stretch out and stab Alchemist-Joe.

That's an example of using a power you can't. The Chimera gets his head cut off, but it is repaired. He then stabs the Alchemist with his nails. These are both powers special to Homunculi (specificly, Lust).

Here's another example...

Greed hardens his body and throws a punch at Envy.
Envy ducks and slams his fist into Greed, cracking Greed's skull.

This is two examples of god-moding. The first is normal god-moding: Auto-hitting. Auto-hitting is when you hit your opponent without letting them dodge your attack. The second is Overpowering. Greed's power is hardening his body so it protects him from just about anything. By cracking his skull while Greed has done this... this is Over-powering yourself by making something happen that can't. This is always voided by a staff member.

- Do NOT bunny. Bunnying on here is when you control someonelse's character without their permission.

I.E. Alchemist A runs down the hallway. "Come on, Alchemist B!" He shouts. Alchemist B follows him, responding with, "Coming!"

This is bunniyng. Alchemist A's player has controlled Alchemist B's player's character. It would be fair if he did this, though...

Alchemist A runs down the hallway. "Come on, Alchemist B!" He shouts.
Alchemist B nods. "Coming!" He shouts, following Alchemist A.

In this, Alchemist A let Alchemist B respond, instead of controlling Alchemist B.

- Don't Metagame AT ALL. Metagaming is when you use OOC-knowledge for IC-purposes.

I.E. Alchemist A glares at the 4 Homunculi in front of him. "Be careful, I can take you down."
The player then goes to a new tab, looks up a quick thing on FMA Wiki, then returns with the knowledge to kill a Homunculi. He then uses it to kill the Homunculi.

It would be fair if Alchemist A did this...

Past: Alchemist A looked at the professor. "What do you mean?"
The Professor sighs, then explains the weakness of a Homunculi to Alchemist A.
Present: Alchemist A glares at the 4 Homunculi in front of him. "Be careful, I can take you down."

This works because Alchemist A learned the weakness IC instead of on the Wiki.

- Do not double-post, triple-post, etc.

Rules for Alchemists


- If you don't know a certain kind of Alchemy, DON'T USE IT!

- Only those with the Philosepher's Stone can ignore the first rule.

- If you have a fake Philosepher's Stone you can ignore the first rule until the staff member decides the ring breaks, after which all the power you used with "the stone" is reversed.

Rules for Homunculus

- Homunculus are only immortal until they are turned human with the remains of their human body and the transmutation circle you need to preform the ritual.

- Homunculus refers to the Homunculi which have been found by Dante's successor, fed the Red Stones, and have become immortal with special powers (In other words, the Seven Sins).

- You do not get to make a custom power, but you get the power that the sin had in the manga and anime (Like being able to lengthen your nails for Lust, Acid saliva and the ability to eat anything for Gluttony, The ability to merge with anything for Wrath, etc.)

- You must have traits of your sin. (Like being gluttonous as Gluttony, or lazy as Sloth.)

Rules for Homunculi

- Homunculi have been gathered by Dante's successor to form a new army. You are under the command of the Homunculus and you must follow their order (unless you rebel).

- You don't get special powers... you are simply a human who was revived once. You are mortal and can use alchemy, etc. You may be a Homunculi Chimera or Alchemist... or anything else.

Rules for Chimera

- If you are merged with an animal you MUST have traits of that animal. (Like being very loyal for Dogs, or very talkative for a parrot.)

- Remeber: You're illegial.
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Main Forum Rules
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