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PostSubject: Plotline   Mon Nov 15, 2010 4:31 am

100 years ago, and just after the Amestris Military defeated the Homunculi and Edward Elric returned to his own world, Drachma declared war on Amestris, taking advantage of their weak military status. Amestris, being very quick to act, elected Roy Mustang as the new Fuhrer and began recruiting new military members. Mustang was able to establish a treaty with Xing, however Drachma gained an alliance with Creta and Aerugo. Lucky for Amestris, though, not all members of Aerugo joined Drachma, and a few thousand members sided with Amestris, putting their past battle behind the two countries to fight arm-in-arm against the corrupt Drachma.

Drachma and Amestris clashed for 50 years, the war never ending. The two countries repeatably attacked, retreated, gained more forces, and repeated. Drachma pushed forwards, and Amestris pushed them back into their own country. This went on for 50 full years, at which Edward Elric, who was currently in the front lines against Drachma, died as well as Riza Hawkeye, and Jean Havoc. With the death of these powerful military members, Amestris's moral greatly deteriorated, and Drachma quickly pushed forwards, capturing the north city. After the death of Edward Elric, though, and unnamed hero stepped forwards and used an incredible alchemic power to the Drachma forces in the North City, after which he died. In is memorial, Mustang told the public that this was Alphonse Elric, who gave his life to give Amestris a huge advantage in the war, and that they shouldn't let it go to waste.

During this time, an Ishbal fortune teller who had come to Amestris in search of a proper home, told the Military of a very disturbing prophecy, which went as followed:
"In the year of the Lost One, in the month of the snow, you're greatest enemy shall rise again with an army so powerful it will bring a wave of destruction upon the world."

At the time, the military assumed that the fortune teller was talking about Drachma, but they were quite wrong. 25 years after this Dante's successor created the first "new Homunculus". THe Homunculus was not one of the important sins, but was mainly used as a warning for the military. The Homunculus gathered info, was chased by the military, gave the info to Dante, and promptly died.

50 years after the death of Edward and Alphonse, Roy Mustang came down with a fatal illness and was forced to retire from the military. But the main event of the present time is the fact that Dante has now created the 7 deadly sins. They were JUST made, as in 3 days ago. Unfortunantly for Dante, the military has caught word of this.

One thing the military does not know yet is that Dante is creating many Homunculus in order to create a large army. She now has around 20, not counting the Sins, and is dividing them into various divisions.
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