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PostSubject: Dante   Mon Nov 15, 2010 5:55 am

Homunculi Template

General Information

Name: Dante (too cool for a last name)
Age: over 400 years old (fricken old)
Gender: Female (focken tell me thet ZoO >:O)

Appearance Information

Picture: (for now)
Appearance: old..frekkehn...old
woman (did NOT know thet, but hey roll wiff yer punches eh)
bitter and stubborn looking
....frekkehn OOOLLLDDD
stoopid ass bun.....
Height: probably short as all my bones have collapsed into myself :3
Weight: SCRAWNY,.. i think (i havent weighed myself in at least 237 years....its just....too painful...)

Personality Information

Personality: im old (frekkehn old...),
im bitter (i look like some pig's anus is resting delicatly on my tongue)
i just wanna rule the world is that so bad? ;-;
oh and id really like it if i didn't die... i have this thing about death..yeah its just not for me...
Likes: long walks on the beach, italian food, liviing forever, alchemy, and fibre
Dislikes: those meddling kids, that "rock and roll" noise, happiness, and dying (personal death only)

Battle Information

Rank: above YOU, thats for damn sure.
Ability: my alchemy brings all the Sins to the yard and there like "your better than Edward", damn right, im better than Edward.. i could teach him, but..... naah.... Razz
Army Rank: /me wasn't aware they let elderly women be soldiers... well, i guess when the French lack a Cavalry.....

Weapon Information
NOTE: Delete if you don't own a weapon.

Name: Alchemy.
Type: Alchem...ic.
-Sub-Type: MAAGICKK 8D
Ability: Transmutation. Looking fabulous. Keeping me not dead.

Pet Information
NOTE: Delete if you don't own a pet.

Name: Evrie Sengel Sinyn-Egsistenz (its Scotch-Roumanian...)
Species: Hor..mono..cle. ..horti..culturists... bah, lets just callem "teh Bitchez" Wink
Appearance: various..? oO
Automail: how teh fokq shudd II knoee? D; im 400 years old, gimme a brekk Dx"

Background Information

History: 10 lines.... fuck me i cant do that toonight D; ill come back an reedit laters -w- murr~

RP Sample (We'll give you a scenerio and you type up a post for a response to it using your char.)[list][*]
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