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PostSubject: Gluttony   Wed Nov 24, 2010 9:25 am

General Information

Name: Gluttony
Age: 3 days (physically 8 )
Gender: Male

Appearance Information


Appearance: Gluttony appears to be a young boy of about eight years old, with somewhat spiky brown hair, and similarly colored eyes. As expected he's very heavyset, though not in the normal way. In fact his proportions are those of a normal child, except for his very big stomach. It's quite possible that he's actually normally proportioned, he simply eats so much that his stuffed stomach is always bloated out. His skin is rather fair, as he dislikes heat and bright sunlight quite a bit, and usually stays out of it. He usually wears a white undershirt, which is covered by an orange vest-jacket. Beneath is he wears black shorts, with his Twin Spritz pistols in hip holsters. His Soul Cannon, on the other hand, is hidden in his jacket. His hair is wrapped with a light blue bandana, the same color as the tubes on his cannon.

Height: 4'2
Weight: Varies wildly, always heavy.

Personality Information

Personality: True to his name, Gluttony is constantly hungry, and anyone and anything around him is liable to get eaten. He's usually very snotty about it, insisting that they should feel honored to get to become part of him. He's very arrogent overall, and loves to rub things in. This comes up frequently, given that he's certainly a genius, and his ego is even bigger then that. His major hobby is designing new weapons, and he has a special fondness for pistols. Though he'll tend to focus on random inventions depending on his mood. Gluttony is very sarcastic overall, and tends to talk down to others. Though he's also easy to set off, and has a very explosive temper at times.


-Showing off
-Designing weapons


-Being ignored or interrupted
-Hot weather and bright light

Battle Information

Rank: Gluttony
Ability: Gluttony is able to consume any known material. It also has Acid Saliva of which it can freely change the P.H. of it. It can also choose to not emit any Acid at all.
Army Rank: Sin

Weapon Information

Name: Soul Cannon
Type: Gun
-Sub-Type: Alchemical Blaster
Appearance: The Alchemical Blaster resembles a small pistol of polished grey metal, with a rather curved shape. Along the back are two sky blue tubes, however what function they serve is unknown. They may involve the transfer of spirit energy, or they may just be decorative.
Ability: The gun uses the souls of people that Gluttony has eaten as ammunition. As a result how often it can be fired, and how much damage it does, varies. Based on how many he's devoured, and how often he's used it.

Name: Twin Spritz
Type: Gun
-Sub-Type: Dual Pistols
Appearance: The Twin Spritz are small pistols made of a strange alloy which seems to be a fusion of silver and brass. They have two tubes which snake along the back of the gun, into the sides, and may serve to increase bullet velocity. They don't have very much stopping power, and no special abilities, and are for times when Gluttony wants to conserve soul energy.
Ability: None

Background Information

History: Gluttony is only three days old, and so does not really have much history of his own to be described. Before his death his name was Nicholas Kekora, and he was the only child of a very wealthy family. He was spoiled from birth, and ended up becoming quite the little terror. He was exceptionally intelligent, and combined with his money and pampering, ended up a horrible brat. He was also an enormous glutton, and famous chefs were routinely called in to cook for him, and most were ridiculed out of the house. His inventions at this point were far simpler then the weapons he designed in his first three days as a Homunculus, but still very impressive considering his age. It was during one such test, for a special motorized skateboard, that he was in a very bad accident. He was found by Dante, who recognized him from the countless unpleasant stories from the chefs called in, and used the Red Stones to revive him as the new Gluttony. His personality is very similar to his former self, though he lacks memories, but with his new powers he's become horrible in ways he couldn't have even dreamed of previously. His first act was to attempt to eat Dante, but he was far too weak, and has since sworn loyalty to her. Though he's still somewhat snarky about it.

RP Sample (We'll give you a scenerio and you type up a post for a response to it using your char.)
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