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 kikari wip

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kikari the gate gaurdian

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PostSubject: kikari wip   Sat Dec 04, 2010 2:04 am

General Information

Name: kikari lobas
Age: 19
Gender: female

Appearance Information

Appearance: Kikari is a human wolf chimera/humunculi. she has long brown hair with light tips. she had deep blue eyes that look like that of a wolf. She has a wolf head but humanoid body shape with a tail. She has silver fur with a white stomach, hands, and feet. She wheres a white tank top and tan shorts.
Height: 6ft2in
Weight: 165lb

Personality Information

Personality: calm in tough situations.... but don't piss her off or you will find your head rolling down a hill. she has a soft spot for dogs and for a humunculi named greed. She is verry protective of her master (greed) and the chimeracave. she gaurds what she finds imprtant to her and will die for what she beleives. She distrusts most people, men mostly.
Likes: greed, dark sumer nights, the forest, the chimeracave, greed of corse, the "bad boy" type and playing flute of guitar
Dislikes: cats, strange men, state alchemists, cold weather, and being punished by greed

Battle Information

Rank: (See Rank information)
Army Rank: (See Rank Information)

Weapon Information
NOTE: Delete if you don't own a weapon.

Name: (Optional)
Type: dagger
Sub-Type: dual bone daggers
Appearance: two daggers carved from bone with wolves engraved into it's blade and a fur handle.
Ability: normay tiped with poisin kikari makes herself

Pet Information
NOTE: Delete if you don't own a pet.

Name: black rose
Species: dog/scorpian chimera
Automail: non

Background Information

History: (At least 10 lines; line breaks don't count.)

RP Sample (We'll give you a scenerio and you type up a post for a response to it using your char.)

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kikari wip
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