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 Open Starter Ranks

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PostSubject: Open Starter Ranks   Sun Nov 07, 2010 10:31 pm


  • General Of The Army (Führer) 0/1
  • General 0/1
  • Lieutenant General 0/1
  • Major General 0/1
  • Brigadier General 0/1
  • Colonel 0/2
  • Lieutenant Colonel 0/2
  • Major 0/3 (Not counting state Alchemists
  • State Alchemists 0/5 (Rank equivalent to major)
  • Captain 0/3
  • First Lieutenant 0/3
  • Second Lieutenant 0/4
  • Warrant Officer 0/4
  • Sergeant Major 0/4
  • Sergeant 0/5
  • Corporal 0/5
  • 1st Class Private 0/5
  • 2nd Class Private 0/5
  • Military Police 0/∞



Status: Reserved
Ability: You are Dante's successor, named after her. You can use the oldest Alchemy, having all of Dante's knowledge, and are constantly changing bodies using the Philosepher's Stone, thus giving yourself immortality. Unfortunantly, every time you switch bodies the new one starts to rot, proving that you will eventually die. You are in control of the Homunculi, and live in Dante's old mansion with them.
Special: Your name HAS to be Dante. Also, if you have previously switched bodies you MUST include the appearances of your old bodies (in pictures only if you want). Every time you switch bodies type up a new appearance and PM it to an Admin, who will edit it into your app.


Status: Open
Ability: Envy can Shape-Shift its voice and body. However Envy is not able to simply shape-shift into a person, but has to remember what they look like and copy those details (though once they have the image in mind it's easy). Envy is also able to transform its clothes. Because it also possesses the ability to gender-change, nobody really knows if Envy is a he or a she.
Special: Envy is able to change its appearance to whatever it wants, so if you are playing Envy and you made it so that it doesn't use its original appearance, be sure to include what its original appearance was.
Tattoo: Left Thigh


Status: Open
Ability: Gluttony is able to consume any known material. It also has Acid Saliva of which it can freely change the P.H. of it. It can also choose to not emit any Acid at all.
Special: Gluttony is usually quite... overweight, although it is possible to have an average-weight Gluttony (Just not slender) by making it have a high matabolism.
Tattoo: Tongue


Status: Open
Ability: Greed is able to transform any part of its body into an indestructible material, in which case its appearance changes (dark skin, red eyes, fangs). However, it is possible for Greed to be killed, as well as the material cut through (using alchemy to weaken its density).
Special: Be sure to include its shield body form (Yes, you can use the original one). Make sure it has dark skin (black, dark gray, dark blue, dark brown, or dark purple), Red eyes, and fangs.)
Tattoo: Left Hand


Status: Reserved
Ability: Lust is able to increase the length of its fingernails. Its nails are quite hard so that they can cut through steel.
Special: Lust, being Lust, should look very desirable.
Tattoo: Middle of Collarbone


Status: Open
Ability: Pride's ability is the "Ultimate Eye", giving it the ability to see everything and anything (think Byakugan). Pride is able to see through things, see any distance, see even the smallest detail, etc.
Special: If your Pride and you don't want to be discovered you must...
a. Wear an eye patch over your left eye
b. Have hair over your left eye.
c. Wear a headband over your left eye.
Basically, you must cover your left eye.
Tattoo: Replaces the iris and pupil on your left eye.


Status: Open
Ability: Sloth is able to transform herself into water to avoid any attack, and move this water like its own limbs.
Special: If you are Sloth you DON'T have to be lazy, since Sloth also means apathy (calmness).
Tattoo: Over heart


Status: Reserved
Ability: Wrath is the ONLY Homunculi who can use Alchemy.
Special: If you are Wrath you MUST have a fierce temper OR be ADD.
Tattoo: On the sole of your right foot.
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Open Starter Ranks
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